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Dear sir

Hereunder we are pleased to introduce   the following info regarding Our Company details

Alwatania Modern shipping company one of the leader private co establish since1995 with partners had more than 40 years’ experience in shipping agency , marine services and inspection.

Alwatania covers  all Libyan Port in Commercial Ports such as Zuara, Tripoli,El Koms,Misurata,Benghazi , derna and Toburk and Oil Ports such as Marsa El Hriga, Zueitina,Marsa El Brega ,Ras lanuf ,Es sider ,Zawia, Farwah Port and El Bouri Port

Also note that our Co Group offers the following services at all Libyan ports with full co Reg. with ( NOC Libya ) national Oil 

A ) Agency Services provide shipping agency services at all Libyan ports as will as Agency for marine services Co .( such as inspection co )

B )  Inspection dept ( Allied Marine Services ) which provide :

1- we cover most of P+I surveyor such as Draft survey ( Loading and Discharging ) on/OFF Hire – cargo inspection etc

2 – We conduct Oil Petroleum chemical inspection directly with our clients N.O.C Libya or We Represent . international inspection Co  in Libya and Perform inspection in their Behalf Or in Joint Rep. ( P.c.c – group Catania ,Etc )

Our inspector are total independent and sworn Surveyors , Reg in Libyan courts 
From the above you can see that we can provide with services to the way you require 

Pls Contact us for any further information you may Require  

Best regards
Osama Alwlid

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