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Founded in 2014 by a group of marine experts, ANCIENT MARINE SERVICE has developed a reputation as the trusted marine partner for all your marine supplies and services needed in Vietnam. At ANCIENT MARINE SERVICE, we firmly believe that ship-stores must be a trusted partnership between us and our customers.

Over many years, we have continued demonstrating the highest levels of reliability and efficiency. First class quality and premium service are at the core of our organisation’s value. We have gained a reputation as the highly experienced provider of ship supply and marine services in Vietnam. And we are committed to maintaining this reputation as many years to come.

Our experience and continuous efforts over the years have made M&O Marine Services and Ship Supplies one of the most efficient and reliable companies in the shipping support sector. Moreover, our philosophy of providing the best value for money allows us to contribute to the reduction of the operational expenses of our customers' vessels. Our company tailors its services to meet demand. We cater to our customers' needs twenty-four hours a day every day of the year offering the widest range of high quality products and services. We have the capability to supply everything, from the smallest cargo ship to the largest cruise vessel.

‘ANCIENT MARINE ’ is dedicated towards ever-improving its service and warrants this through the passionate participation of its carefully elected personnel who makes this a true family-company.

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