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Baycorp Maritime Limited (BML) provides several maritime assistances with comprising and deputing several marine experts (eg. Master Mariner, Chief Engineer, Naval Architect, Lawyers, Doctors, etc.). Such services are as follows:

  • P&I Correspondence Services
  • H&M Inspections
  • Marine Consultancy
  • Cargo (Dry & Liquid) inspection
  • FD&D inspection
  • Collision Survey & Inspection
  • Cargo Shortage/Dispute allegation resolving
  • Loss Adjusting & Consultancy
  • Legal Assistances & Supports
  • Ships Repair & Inspection
  • Underwater inspection

Baycorp Maritime Limited (BML) is a Marine Claim Consultancy & Adjustor Firm which also represents as Correspondents to the world's leading Marine Insurers, including the International Group of P&I Clubs as well as several renowned Shipowners, Charterers, H&M Underwriters and several reputed international clients from different part of the world covering Americas, Europe and the Far East.

Since establishment and launching their operation in the year 2011, this company has introduced an innovative outcome focused style in the marine claims and risk management sector which assists with claims or any kind of allegations, problems to the international group of Protection &Indemnity  Clubs, Hull & Machinery Underwriters and their associated Members. These include providing complete assistance to such all clients including Shipowners, Charterers, H&M Underwriters and their any associated Members who may find themselves involved in such P&I and H&M claim and /or any such defense cases vide engaging investigation, handling of claims appropriate way, having necessary local and international knowledge to arrange expert assistance through the use of expert mariners, surveyors and lawyers.

Claims handling staff at Baycorp Maritime Ltd. (BML) Chittagong come from a variety of backgrounds including Surveyor, P&I Correspondent and Lawyers.

If clients like Shipowners and/or Charterers whose entered ships at both disport of Chittagong & Mongla will face any claims from 3rd parties relevant to any dispute and/or casualties which consequences to their entered ships for any threat to detention and/or arrest, we as Correspondent having the capability to arrange such below type of Provision of security as follows:

  • Arrangement of arrest or threat of arrest of an entered ship
  • Arrangement of Club Letters of Undertaking (LOU)
  • Arrangement of Bank Guarantees (BG)

In a nut-shell, as Correspondent our core service is to:  

  • Utilise local knowledge to assist the member with several casualties issues
  • Provide instant on the spot representation
  • Appoint local experts, surveyors or attend in person to ascertain cause, nature & extent
  • Report to both the Clients (P&I Club/H&M Underwriter) and their associated Members
  • Provide a link with the local authorities

Baycorp Maritime Ltd. (BML) staff is available 24X7 basis to react and appropriately acknowledge to any notification regarding any casualties in Bangladesh ranging from random containerized cargo claims to major incident such as collisions/contact damages, Jetty/wharf damages and any serious oil pollution/spillage incidents.

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