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We would like to introduce our Company to you Diamond Ship Chandler & Marine Services headquartered at Karachi, Pakistan.

We offer consistent quality services and products to any vessels which requires supplies from any Ports of the KARACHI-PAKISTAN.  

Our history includes more than 2 years of hands-on experience arranging supply provisions, bonded stores, technical stores and general supplies requested by the masters, owners or agents.  

We always ensure high quality services and competitive prices, the company has managed to carve out a niche of growing importance in the ship supply business. Careful choice of dedicated staff members through the years ensures that we are always ready to fulfill customer demands, from the requests for quotation to the final delivery.We are pleased to hereby introduce our company as the leading ship Chandler in Karachi Pakistan.

We provide Services at Karachi Ports, Bin Qasim Port, Gwadar Port & Gadani.

We provide following services:-


(Vegetables, Fruits, Dry Provision, Frozen meat, Fish, Frozen Foods, Tin Foods).


(Chocolates, Crockery, Sweets and desserts, Perfumes and extra items, Soft drinks, Toiletries, Stationery).


(Refilling of oxygen, Actelyn & LPG Cylinders, Supply of Refrigerant Gases, Supply of vessel main & Auxiliary Engine Spares parts, Supply & services of electric Motors & pump, Refilling & supply of fire Extinguishers)


(Engine store, Deck store, Saloon store, Cabin store, Refilling & supply of life rafts & Lifesaving Equipment's).

We assure you of our prompt & best services at all times.

Looking forward to your favorable response and support.


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