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MAA MARINE SUPPLIER is an authorized and SHIP SERV TRADE NET 260728 & IMPA 1014607) registered Bangladeshi company established in 2003 as ship chandler/general ship supplier, serving vessels calling Chittagong & Monglaa Port, Bangladesh. We are a leading Ship Chandler in Chittagong & Monglaa port, supplying fresh and frozen Provisions, dried & canned foods, beverages, dairy products and bonded stores. We also supply a wide range of stores and equipment to the vessels and its crew, including cabin, deck, engine, electrical and safety stores, charts, publications, general consumables and tools. From the beginning we were known for, honesty and reliability which built our high reputation and expanded vessels network world wide and created high growth situation. We have dedicated professional team and a warehouse in Chittagong, storing most of the items requested by vessels calling Chittagong port. This facilitates us to fulfill the vessels’ requirements by supplying high standard quality items at reasonable prices at the right time.

Certainly, MAA MARINE SUPPLIER has successfully achieved significant appreciation for its solid dedication to supply products that meets quality requirement to satisfy vessels expectation through prompt and reliable services. With the grace of Almighty, continuous growth and advanced management allowed our Services to become one of the leading ship chandler in Chittagong Port.

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