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Ningbo PanLong shipping service co., LTD., founded in 2013, is a professional shipping service company ,which is approved and recognized by the national competent authority, the agent to carry out ship oil sludge reception, tank washing water reception, tank cleaning, pollutant removal and treatment, anti-pollution technical consultation (SPRO) and so on in various ports of China.

PanLong shipping has always been to provide professional, diversified ship services for the shipowners and customers as the fundamental, after years of practical experience and summary, growth the formation of our unique"4S+P"business philosophy. Under the guidance of"4S+P", our service network has covered China's major ports as well as the Yangtze river basin, inland river area and so on. Can provide the complete integration service for the general shipowners and the customers.

The company has an excellent team with nearly 10 years of working experience from top to bottom, and has a solid foundation in our industry. At present, the market competition is increasingly intensified ,and customers need the form and quality of service are constantly upgrading. We keep pace with The Times, we are able to provide the most appropriate and intimate service according to the characteristics and requirements of each customer.

Our service is always forward on the way!

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