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Orca Ships Agents provide multiple services and documentation required for transiting through the Panama Canal, for the most demanding cargo transportation needs on transit inbound or outbound of Panama and ensuring that all services are provided in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Company is fully compromised to keep our shipping customers informed from the procedures and amplifications necessary to implement the maritime regulations of Panama Canal to avoid unnecessary delays or denials of transit.

As company, we are authorized under the Panama Maritime Authority to provide services in Pacific, Atlantic and in all important ports of Panama such as: Panama Ports, PSA, Manzanillo International Terminal, and many others.

As Company, we provide several services to cover all your cargo needs and documentation for: booking request, port operations, ship supplies, canal transit, and advice information related to mooring arrangements, flags, pennants, size, draft limitation of vessels, and other requirements for transit through the Panama Canal.

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