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PT. Cipta Pernika Nusantara [Pernika] is a company that will help you connect with your assets anywhere in the world. Contact us at +62813 80198071 and take the best solution offers bellow:

  1. High speed internet satellite [VSAT & Broadband]
  2. Data telemetry/logger [AIS data, Fuel flow & Oil Health]
  3. Voice call/over internet protocol
  4. Satellite/GSM tracking [GMDSS, SSAS with backup battery]
  5. Crew reporting tools [Noon report, running store, Certificates & Maintenance check list]
  6. Fleet Management/Performance report
  7. Remote Maintenance/Survey
  8. Marine CCTV with geotag [offline playback/analytic]

BEST SOLUTION [all in-one from no.1 - no.7] is Vessel-Office Information System.

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