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R.V.Global Co.,Ltd. is able to offer a one-stop service for other various requirement for supplies and services for the marine and offshore industries. We supply, food, beverage,consumables and technical store and also arrange refelling for gases, repairs/rewinding for electrical motors, repairs refrigeration plant, renewal for steel during cargo operation, transhipment of seamail. We are able to fulfill almost any requirements which our customers request even when limited time is available. Serving every harbour in Thailand,Singapore and Philippines. Our chandlers and purchasers have many years experience, can speak fluent english, tagalog and indian languages. Allowing them to carry out their task to customer satisfaction.

R.V.Global Co.Ltd. supplies the majority of Bulk lines, such as United Ocean Shipping, Asia Bulk, Araw Shipping, Vintex Shipping, Unnitra Shipping, Intermodal Shipping and others. Company supply such as Light House-PTC Management, BS Management-SeaChef Catering, Scorpio Marine Supply, Containers (Synergy Group), Phoenix Shipping, Bouvet Shipping, Garrets Catering UK calling in all ports of Thailand. We also supply cruise ship, oil tankers, oil rips, cargo vessels and shipyard clients. We always deliver on the appointed place, date and time. We do our outmost to fulfill the needs of our customer. We are the direct importer of all Indian and Philippine products with FDA certificate. Guaranteed that all of our product are fresh and with long expiration. We have accreditation for HACCP, GMP and ISO2000.

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