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All in One with Ship Chandler Turkey !!!

Dear Sirs / Ma’am,

It is our pleasure to introduce SHIP CHANDLER TURKEY as one of the leading suppliers which coordinates supply activities through all ports and Straits in Turkey.

SHIP CHANDLER TURKEY is a full service chandlery for every marine, offshore and navy operation, including land operations.

Our guiding principle is to use our industrial specialization in marine products to provide full service to any vessel calling Turkish ports. 

  • Empowering Supply Operations Professionals : With visibility into your supply chain operations, you can take the right action at the right time and be in control of your supply operations.

With more control, your business performs better – SHIP CHANDLER TURKEY can get you there. We have the ability to understand every customer’s cultural diversity and how this may impact the specific demands that you set. 

  • Reporting and Performance : We have confidence in efficient and economical manner with speedy turnaround of quotations, competitive prices, forehanded supplies, full communications with purchasing departments, regardless of location or time of day, product quality, terms and conditions to achieve customers’ full satisfaction. 
  • Reliable Partner : If your ship need a reliable Ship Chandler or Ship Supplier partner; at Turkish ports and ; Ship Chandler Turkey will your best best reliable partner 
  • Plenty of Variety : Your vessel’s all kind requistions 7/24 servicing, Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact with Ship Chandler Turkey 
  • Fair Price : Ship Chandler Turkey sure will offer the very fair price on soon with full delivery details.
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