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We are the UK’s oldest and largest sail training charity. We offer young people, from all walks of life, unique physically and mentally challenging experiences at sea which aim to develop their long-term life skills including team working, confidence and problem solving skills.

We also offer adventure voyages for adults which directly support our highly effective Youth Development Programme.

Many of the young people who sail with us are marginalised by society and feel their life prospects are low but we equip them with the skills they need to turn their lives around, this could be as simple as cooking and cleaning or giving them the responsibility of steering an ocean going yacht.

We have a vision of society where the exclusion of young people and lack of opportunities to them are things of the past. We are doing everything we can to make this vision a reality.

This form of personal development has proved highly successful in improving the trajectory of an individual's personal skill development by providing:

  • A personal physical and mental challenge
  • Teamwork under exacting conditions
  • Awareness of the value of leadership skills
  • Crews of different social backgrounds and nationalities to promote understanding and friendship
  • A sense of achievement and increased self-confidence

The Trust has a well-established reputation for providing invaluable preparation for the challenges we all have in our lives, at work and as part of society.

It is achieved by breaking the pattern of conventional behaviour and encouraging team participation and interaction under challenging and sometimes arduous conditions. Learning how to rely on and be relied upon by your colleagues, leadership, and decision-making skills are all fostered by the Tall Ships Experience.

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