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BTMCo A.S. was established in 2006 with the aim of providing the needed equipments, services and technical support for the marine industry.

BTMCo is the distributor of some major Marine equipment manufacturers and has been supplying a large variety of marine equipments on some prestigious projects as for the Turkish Navy, Turkish Coast Guards, Turkish public companies as well as on commercial vessels, yachts and others.

BTMCo has grown strongly over the years and expanded its product portfolio to the Industrial & Energy sectors.

Based in Turkey, BTMCo is the several companies including BTMiberia, which is in charge of the distribution in Spain of various marine and industrial equipment.

BTMafrica in charge of providing qualified services and marine products in North of Africa respectively.

BTMCo has developed over the years local manufacturing companies such BTMboru that provides qualified piping equipment’s as well as pre-fab workshops and onboard – onshore installation teams. BTMboya provides painting materials & is proposing any kind of painting repair works trough it’s equipment's & teams. BTMteknik has developed a huge spare part stock & very well qualified engineers & technicians that are available around the world & the clock.

BTMCo has had sustainable strong growth over the years and will continue to increase its product and service portfolio in both Marine and Industrial markets.