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Growing up on Donsö, probably the most densely populated shipping cluster in the world, Ola Nilsson found inspiration from the community and decided to join it. Donsö is an island located in the southern archipelago of Gothenburg, Sweden. On the 2nd January, 1978 Ola acquired the island's gasoline station and started to distributing gasoline to the islands households, pleasure crafts and fishing vessel, among others by the use of truck and by a small bunker tanker.

Raised and influent with the attitude to provide best customer service, putting the customers need at first Ola managed the develop the business through his entrepreneurship. He acquired 'Hamnsjö' and later on 'Stensjö' (992 DWT) to distribute bunkers. Later on he expanded the fleet by acquiring 'Västsjö' (1435 DWT) with the continuous purpose to distribute bunkers at sea.

The gasoline station together with the smaller barge 'Hamnsjö' was later sold. The focus was now solely on shipping.