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Dear our esteemed customers,
Since its foundation in 1969, our company ship-owner and operator of PanCon Line, has provided world wide shipping services including our own full container services in Korea-Japan-China and Korea-Hongkong-Vietnam-Thailand trades. PanCon Line is a leader of the shipping industry in our country and takes the infinite pride for having contributed to foreign shipping and trades fields of our country. Our website had been providing the Vessel Schedule and Invoice Inquiry since 2000. We renewed the website additionally to provide many more services such as the Vessel Schedule, Invoice Inquiry and Output as well as Cargo Tracking, Booking/Shipping Request Inquiry/Registration, B/L Inquiry, B/L Surrender/Waybill Inquiry and Demurrage/Detention Inquiry services, etc. We believe that can meet our customers’ needs and convenience in faster and more efficient ways.