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With over 78 years of industry experience, SPE is a veteran in the shipping servicing industry in Sudan. This has enabled us to gain vast knowledge of the business, allowing us to better understand and serve our clients while also remaining ahead of the competition. SPE understands that affiliated companies need various maritime services and products to be delivered with the utmost efficiency and promptness. With that in mind,

SPE took on the challenge of preparing its internal management system to accommodate this rapid development in Sudan's maritime industry.We strongly believe that although automated systems are essential to the smooth operation of the shipping agency, local knowledge obtained through years of experience and local networking, are just as instrumental to operations. As a result SPE always seeks to hire and further develop top professionals in the business to effectively take ownership of all routine operations around the clock, providing the best and smoothest service possible.

Shipping Agency

SPE offers a wide range of shipping agency services that are adaptable to your vessel’s needs.Ourteam consists of highly experienced professionals who excel at addressing and resolving any issues on your behalf to ensure complete satisfaction and peace of mind. Our endeavor to deliver excellence throughout the years has earned SPE an outstanding reputation with regards to professionalism, reliability and flexibility in service.

Ship Supply

SPE prides itself as being the first and only shipping service provider to be accredited by the International Shipping Suppliers Association (ISSA) since 1984. Our ship supplyservices are available in all ports of Sudan, with strategically placed warehouses in Port Sudan to ensure efficient service. We specialize in all aspects of ship supply and service, providing the entire range of provisions, cabin, bonded, safety and technical stores.

Logistics Services

As an international freight forwarding provider, SPE logistics operates with an effective network of agents and partners providing a global deep-sea shipping service, to both conventional and containers, as well as general freight forwarding, inland transport to final destination and in-transit warehouse services including documentation, FOB services and full customs formalities.

SPE is a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA) , where we ensure that all services are within the guidelines of the world’s most recognized freight forwarding association.